Fashion Meets Function

There is a new directive. A blending of purpose. Style needs to work and function needs to shine. Bemis Sewfree® bonding lets you create beautiful, multi-multi-functioning apparel you could otherwise only wish for. 


Exoflex film stretches and springs back into shape right along with performancewear fabrics, letting you enhance the outside of your designs without compromising how they function. Exoflex is available in both colors and patterns. It's easy to laser and die cut, and is abrasion resistant. Exoflex is a versatile way to create active apparel that works beautifully throughout the day.


  • Edge trims
  • Laser cut graphics
  • Functional panels
  • Waistbands

Heather Seam Reinforcement Tape

Heather Seam Reinforcement Tape can be used to add the timelessly trendy look of heather detail to solid color fabrics, complementing the look of traditional sportswear. It works double-time, adding visual appeal while strengthening your ultrasonic line-bonded seams.


  • Ultrasonic bonded seams
  • Next-to-skin application
  • External aesthetic