Lightweight Warmth

Just because the temperature drops doesn’t mean you need to bulk up to stay warm. Our Lightweight Warmth Collection lets you create apparel that is sleek, strong and aesthetically unique.

Insulated Bonding

Insulated bonding is more efficient in heat retention because it doesn't puncture the fabric and allow heat to escape. These insulated seams are ideal for outerwear as it keeps garments lightweight and durable without sacrificing performance.


  • Bonded baffles

High Recovery

High Recovery Tape replaces elastics and bulky sewn seams in performancewear and intimate wear. It allows for optimum stretch and recovery while maintaining the sleek, smooth profile of a Sewfree® bonded seam or hem.


  • Bra wing hems
  • Leg opening hems
  • Arm opening hems
  • Waistbands
  • Seams


Seam Reinforcement Tape strengthens seams without compromising the flexibility, feel or weight of your garments. In combination with bonded seams, it can keep garments lighter than sewing. Available for knit and woven fabrics.

Ideal for

-  Ultrasonic bonded seams
-  Tape on inside or outside
-  Decorative