Other Markets

Bemis works with a wide variety of manufacturers to help replace outdated components and methodologies. We can customize and optimize to help you achieve your desired results. Whatever they may be.

The things we do.

Bemis adhesives can replace messy liquid glues in all kinds of products. From athletic lettering to camping gear to cars, we offer a better, cleaner, more environmentally safe manufacturing solution. Our versatility with composites makes them ideal for construction and key in truck building – reducing weight when used to adhere panels and allowing increased loads. Plus, our 100% thermoplastic films require none of the measuring, mixing or curing involved with traditional glues.



We can reverse-engineer from the results you need to a custom-designed, made-to-order product. Whether it’s meeting certain tech specs, material requirements, or a look and feel, we will collaborate with you to solve your specific performance challenges. Our chemical formulas, film configurations and delivery formats are all adaptable to your needs.


Consumer Electronics

Streamlined, durable device protection from the inside out. For tablets, phones and all of the other accoutrements of the modern age. Create unique designs and functions that let you stand apart in the sea of options.