an intimate bond

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Sewfree® is a soft, highly elastic adhesive film designed exclusively for apparel applications. Sewfree® has been proven in designs for intimate apparel and offers the following benefits:

  • Lower profile seams
  • Less abrasion to the end user
  • Lighter-weight garments
  • Improved elasticity
  • Smooth body contouring

Stretch and recovery is the key performance feature requested by designers, brands and manufacturers alike. While bonded garment technology is here to stay, Bemis is committed to constant innovation. In response to the industry’s quest for better stretch and recovery, we developed a distinct portfolio of TPU elastomers. We achieved a truly unique solution for stretch and recovery for intimate apparel applications through new chemistries, advanced research and realistic test methods. We designed our Sewfree® High Recovery TPU Elastomers to eliminate the elastics used in bra wings and in panty waist and leg openings. These new tapes offer the best recovery while still maintaining the sleek, smooth aesthetics of a Sewfree® seam, band or hem. In addition to the design benefits, we also paid particular attention to the fabrics and manufacturing methods for making intimate garments. High Recovery TPU Elastomers satisfy the needs for enhanced designs, better performance and greater flexibility in manufacturing.

Bemis film and tape have been used for:

  • Shaping
  • Lace and sheer fabric attachment
  • One-piece bras
  • Hems
  • Edge treatments
  • Bonded wings
  • Bonded gussets
  • Gaskets and dies
  • 3-D hemming
  • Panty waist and leg openings