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Construction Adhesives

Bemis’ Sewfree® Adhesives and Seam Reinforcement Tapes (SRTs) deliver superior construction options for your designs. Engineered for a variety of substrates, our adhesives allow for customizable performance options.

Adhesives for Conductive Printing

Smart accessories and garments are here to stay – and the technology inside them should stay put too. Bemis offers a variety of adhesive options for every part of your...

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Adhesives for Dissimilar Substrates

Material mastery is possible. Assemble dissimilar substrates, add structural strength, bond materials that don’t respond to traditional methods of make, or create sleeker, lighter products.

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Adhesives for Natural Fibers

Specifically formulated for natural textiles like wool, cotton, and cellulose fiber or made from the earth, this product group is ideal for incorporating the current trend of non-synthetics and blends...

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Adhesives for Pour-in-Place Foam

This group of adhesives enable bonding and protection during the foam injection process – Pour-in-Place. Gone are the days where that foam dares to pop through the stitch holes of...

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Breathable Adhesives

These perforated adhesives give you all the benefits of Sewfree® films with added permeability and reduced weight. Enhanced profile, stretch, recovery, and support are retained while letting hot air and...

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Edge Binding Tapes

Replace expensive elastics and bindings with these Sewfree® solutions to create smooth, low-profile edge finishes.

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EverFit™ 6430

Our softest and stretchiest adhesive yet, EverFit™ 6430 is an excellent replacement for traditional elastics. Watch the video on this page to learn more. EverFit™ 6430. A Better Fit for...

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Flexible Adhesives

For products that need to move beautifully, our Flexible Adhesives are soft and stretchable to deliver technical benefits that result in impeccable fit. In non-apparel applications, they can be layered...

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Insulation / Baffle Adhesives

Bemis offers a variety of adhesives that allow for wide range of unique bonded baffle applications and designs within your outerwear portfolio. On top of that, no more stitch holes...

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Moisture Barriers

Bringing superior protection to PPE. This series of matte-finish adhesives are engineered for applications that require high liquid barrier properties while maintaining good drape. They can be used in a...

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Nets & Webs

Sewfree® NET and WEB adhesives are engineered to offer bond strength that customers have come to expect from Bemis Sewfree® adhesives with significant added benefits of lower modulus, reduced weight,...

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Seam Reinforcement Tapes

Strengthen seams and add aesthetic touches without compromising flexibility, feel, or weight. In fact, when combined with USLB bonded seams, garments can actually be lighter than with sewn seams. Enjoy...

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Sewfree on Demand®

A discreet yet powerful bond. Sewfree on Demand® (SFoD) is Bemis’ revolutionary new bonding solution that is designed for precision, yet engineered for performance as we revolutionize the future of...

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Stretch & Recovery Adhesives

These adhesives are engineered to move, and do it well. If your products need to balance durability and comfort, this set of adhesives deliver optimum stretch and recovery while maintaining...

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Textile to Textile / Textile Over Form

Building nuanced, functional products requires versatility. Bemis adhesives are engineered to solve a wide range of needs when bonding textiles to textiles or textiles to hard substrates. This set of...

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Thermoforming Adhesives for Rigidity

Designed to adhere to areas where rigidity is required, these adhesives can provide 3D form and structural integrity to your applications. Engineered to be used during the thermoforming manufacturing process...

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UV Resistant Adhesives

Bemis 3292 series stands the test of time, sun, and ambient lighting. Our aliphatic adhesives don’t yellow and can be applied to glass to create an optically clear, UV stable...

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Looking for the right adhesive for your project? Tell us about yourself and let us help! We’re ready to lead you into the future of bonding.

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