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Application Collections

We’ve brought our products together to show off how they make a world of difference in your designs in both form and function. See what we’ve been working on and what inspires us.

Individualization Collection

As demand for personalization grows, so does the need for garments that adapt. This collection showcases application innovations with aesthetics and construction. This collection makes it easy for designers and developers to deliver customizable garments that adopt apparel features consumers are looking for.

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Flowfree™ Waistband Collection

We’ve reimagined and reengineered waistbands with Sewfree® technology. Now you can remove material, reduce garment weight and eliminate distractions. Created with Flowfree™, its engineered perforations enhance and promote breathability.

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Comfort Is King Collection

A collection that delivers all the goods: better comfort, higher quality, and increased durability – Basically, the whole package for a guy’s package. Armed with data points from an extensive consumer research study, we designed boxers, briefs, Ts, and tanks that solve the pain points men most commonly call out.

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