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Sewfree on Demand® Collection

Sewfree on Demand® unlocks creativity in design and application, while optimizing material utilization and manufacturing processes. SFoD increases discreetness while expanding the frontiers of both aesthetic appeal and performance. This collection showcases application innovations utilizing Sewfree on Demand® solutions to open a new path of creation allowing designers and developers the ability to create with ultimate customization.

Performance and Manufacturing Benefits


Low profile in any application


Permeable to water and air


Heat-resistant and retentive strength


Being able to apply exactly what you need, where you need it

Enhanced Manufacturing

Short bond time and reduced material wastage enhance efficiency

Digital Dispencing

Once fabric is in position, the adhesive-to-fabric application is done without human involvement

Panty Gusset & Waistband

A virtually seamless bond that avoids irritation while providing breathability, high recovery, and maximum durability.

  • Next-to-Skin Comfort
  • Ultimate Performance
  • Efficient Manufacturing

Overlap Seam

Breathable and lightweight with nearly invisible construction to ensure discreet lines, fitted stretch, and supreme comfort.

  • Ultimate Performance
  • Next-to-Skin Comfort
  • Efficient Manufacturing

V-Neck Bralette

Unique patterns provide breathability, high recovery, and maximum strength as they replace stitched elastics and improve next-to-skin comfort.

  • Streamlined Construction
  • Ultimate Performance
  • Customized Fit


Reduce unnecessary bulk on a wide range of materials with a stitch-free, lightweight, and low-profile construction that sits close to the body.

  • Efficient Manufacturing
  • Streamlined Construction
  • Next-to-Skin Comfort

Lightweight Outerwear Vent

Bring your design, application, and construction to life with a low waste solution that adheres hard-to-bond-to fabrics with less bulk and more breathability.

  • Efficient Manufacturing
  • Functional Performance
  • Speciality Fabrics

Compression Sleeve

Unlock your creativity with design characteristics, customized performance, and aesthetic details that provide a comfortable fit and a virtually seamless finish.

  • Visual Technology
  • Customized Fit
  • Moves With You

See How They're Made

To accompany this collection, we have put together step-by-step video content available on our Vimeo page. Check out how you can bring bonded garments to life that are lower profile, have higher durability, and are more breathable!

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