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California Supply Chain Statement


At Bemis, integrity, authenticity and respect are core values that shape all aspects of our Company’s business. We are committed to honesty and fairness in all operations with the utmost concern for our associates, customers and community. Bemis is dedicated to working with suppliers, manufacturers and authorized Sub-Contractors who share our values and commitments, and treat their employees with dignity and respect.

Our current practices include using a Vendor Scorecard to evaluate a vendor being able to fit with the Bemis Way as a preferred and accepted partner. We intend to elaborate on Social Labor, human trafficking and slavery as specific parts of the Vendor Scorecard.

Bemis is also a member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition and is on the Expert Panel for Verification for the Auditing portion of the Higg Index. Bemis will be utilizing the Higg Index to get scores from their suppliers and using the Higg’s auditing procedures (introducing in Fall 2015) to get quality auditing results of our suppliers.

Bemis also has a Declaration of Conformity that we expect all Suppliers to sign. If our suppliers do not meet our standards then we will hold them accountable.

Our purchasing Director is one of the key members of our Sustainability Team at Bemis and as such is fully trained in the Sustainability and Social Labor standards and she is able to fully train her staff on the above expectations.


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