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Thermoforming Adhesives for Rigidity

Thermoforming Adhesives for Rigidity

Product #: 5256, 4220, 5229

Designed to adhere to areas where rigidity is required, these adhesives can provide 3D form and structural integrity to your applications. Engineered to be used during the thermoforming manufacturing process due to its high-heat activation point.

Use With

  • Foams

  • High Stretch Textiles

  • Natural Content Textiles

  • Non-Stretch Textiles


Features & Benefits


Opt for a thin adhesive rather than traditional plastics


Introduces structural elements and integrity to your applications

Low Profile

Keep the profile and stack-up low while adding the ability to form

Explore Products

  • A polyester based adhesive that's all about pliability. Engineered to adhere to areas where rigidity is required and generally adheres best to polyester-based substrates. It allows for adhesion to a variety of materials including those with DWR finishes.

  • A copolyamide adhesive that's ideal for use with a variety of materials in applications where rigidity is required. Exhibits excellent adhesion to many fabrics, including acetate, silk, cotton, rayon, and wool.

  • A polyester adhesive that exhibits low viscosity and excellent wash resistance; engineered as adhesive for labels.


Thermoforming is a manufacturing process where the material, in this case adhesive, is pliable when heated, formed to a shape or mold, and provides structure when cooled. Rather than using traditional, bulky plastic, these adhesives be used to bond various textiles to your finished form, but provide that much needed stability where specific shaping is needed.


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