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Stretch & Recovery Adhesives

Stretch & Recovery Adhesives

Product #: High Recovery, Trufit, 3412, SFoD

These adhesives are engineered to move, and do it well. If your products need to balance durability and comfort, this set of adhesives deliver optimum stretch and recovery while maintaining a sleek, smooth finish and soft hand feel for next-to-skin comfort.

Use With

  • High Stretch Textiles

  • Natural Content Textiles

  • Leather

  • Plastics

  • Textiles with Waterproof Coatings


Features & Benefits


Replace bulky traditional elastics, with confidence

Next-to-Skin Comfort

Integrates easily into your design to deliver elevated stretch and comfort


Withstands everyday wear and tear without losing shape

Explore Products

  • Our High Recovery family are three-layer adhesives engineered to replace traditional elastics. Designed to be used in applications where very high recovery, extended wear comfort, and performance is required. Gauges at 3mil, 4mil, 6mil, 8mil
    Available with Flowfree™ technology, featuring engineered perforations that promote and enhance breathability.

  • Adhesive that snaps back into place and lays flat against the body, time after time. Engineered to hold its original fit and shape versus standard adhesives and can completely replace the need for bulky elastics. For applications that call for mid to high modulus, this is the go-to solution to maintain shape and softness.
    Available with Flowfree™ technology, featuring engineered perforations that promote and enhance breathability.

  • With low modulus and high recovery, 3412 is designed to be used where soft hand feel and high bond strength is required.

  • Drop on demand application on any material maintains the material’s standard of quality and properties such as high elasticity and low modulus. Unobtrusive look and feel are key benefits of SFoD, ensuring subtle hand feel, discreet lines, and fitted stretch.


  • Seams & Hems
  • Bra Bands & Straps
  • Waistbands
  • Pockets & Zippers
  • Head & Wrist Straps
  • Panel-to-Panel Bonding

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