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Seam Reinforcement Tape Collection

Seam Reinforcement Tape (SRT) is a 2-layer tape consisting of a knit or woven fabric as the face with Bemis adhesive laminated to the back side. SRT strengthens seams and adds aesthetic touches without compromising the flexibility, feel, or weight of your construction. In fact, when combined with ultrasonic line bonded seams, it keeps constructions lighter and smoother than stitched seams. SRT can also enhance the durability of sewn seams, be used to create clean finishes and applied topically to enhance the aesthetic and hanger appeal of products. 



Design: Specific Aesthetic

Allows USLB construction, provides clean & pre-cut fabric finishes, adds design features

Performance: Specific Effect

Lightweight, soft, less bulk, next-to-skin comfort, stretch and recovery, flexible

Function: Specific Utility

Provides seam strength, durability, added support, structure, elasticity

USLB Side Seam

  • SRT4100 – Lightweight Knit SRT

Used to reinforce ultrasonic line bonded side seam to eliminate bulk, provide durability, and an elevate aesthetic. SRT can be applied on the inside or outside of the garment depending on preference. This tape has high stretch to move with the fabric and provide comfort next-to-skin.

USLB Bonded Bra Band Attachment

  • SRT4000RC – Recycled Knit SRT

Used to reinforce the USLB seam that attaches the bra band to the bodice. This construction reduces bulk and provides additional support. The tape was designed on the outside of the garment, so the USLB seam lies flat against the skin reducing irritation and chaffing.

Free Cut Edge Hem

  • SRT5000RC – Recycled Woven SRT

The free cut edge hem keeps apparel light and clean looking while ensuring edge stability and durability over time.

Gathered Fold-over Leg Opening

  • NSRT3900 – Narrow Elastic SRT

To provide an elastic low-profile leg opening solution that provides high stretch/ recovery and next-to-skin comfort to prevent chaffing.

Reflective Design over sewn seams

  • RSRT3000 – Reflective SRT

Strategically applied over sewn seams to increase the visibility of the wearer during  the evening and early morning.

Waterproof USLB Seam

  • SRT6000 – Waterproof SRT

To replace traditional stitched seams with a lighter and lower profile waterproof USLB solution. This product is a waterproof, 3-layer tape featuring a waterproof barrier between the adhesive and fabric layers.


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