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Customizable Seam Tapes

Customizable Seam Tapes

Our customizable Seam Tape options allow you to print colors, patterns, or logos to match your designs without compromising the performance of the product or the integrity of your weather-worthy gear.

Use With

  • Textiles with Waterproof Coatings


Features & Benefits


Even waterproof materials will leak through stitched seams if not sealed properly


Engineered to withstand wash cycles up to 40C

Low Profile

Minimal footprint and soft hand feel do not distract from the garment's look and feel


Add a print and/or a custom color to match your fabrics or their coating

Explore Products

  • A minimal stretch tape with high durability and minimal footprint. Use with very light to medium weight heat sensitive PVC, vinyl, or polyurethane coated 2L materials.

  • A highly versatile, stretch tape with a soft hand feel and minimal footprint. Use with light to medium weight PVC, vinyl, or polyurethane coated 2L stretch materials.

  • A matte finish, stretch tape with the softest hand feel and invisible footprint. Use with very light weight PVC, vinyl, or polyurethane coated 2L stretch materials.


  • Technical Outerwear & Activewear for skiing, snowboarding, hiking, climbing, cycling, fishing, boating, hunting, golfing, etc.
  • Rainwear
  • Industrial Workwear
  • Tents & Packs
  • Military Garments & Gear
  • Protective Suits & Equipment

We can help

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Let our material scientists, engineers, and chemists work to customize and optimize products to achieve your wildest dreams.

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