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Reflective Non-Stretch Embellishments

Reflective Non-Stretch Embellishments

Product #: RS4502, RS4503

Enhance visibility with our High-Viz Embellishment Films while offering a non-stretch superior function. Bemis Brilliant® films, Flash and Nylight, deliver high brightness for a stronger, more vibrant, versatile choice for your designs.

Available in

  • Silver

  • Black

Use With

  • Non-Stretch Textiles

  • Natural Content Textiles

  • Textiles with Waterproof Coatings

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Features & Benefits


Add reflectivity to create aesthetic differentiation


Turn heads. Be seen with high candlepower visibility


Reflective solutions that won't compromise the performance of your materials

Explore Products

  • Enhance visibility with high candlepower while offering an economical, non-stretch solution for your apparel designs.
    Available in: Silver, Black, Custom Colors

  • Ideal for enhancing the visibility of DWR coated fabrics with its high candlepower, increased bond strength, and minimal glue line around the heat transfer when bonded onto tightly woven fabrics.
    Available in: Silver, Black, Custom Colors


Incorporate reflective films as eye-catching features for increased nighttime visibility or simply to enhance your designs.

  • Aesthetic Seams
  • Logos
  • Die Cut Graphics
  • Cuffs & Edging
  • Pockets & Zippers
  • Trim Details
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