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Heat & Coating Sensitive (Low Surface Energy)

Heat & Coating Sensitive (Low Surface Energy)

No substrate is too fussy for Bemis adhesives. This set of adhesives were engineered to bond to low surface energy plastics and textiles with heat sensitive or hard to bond to treatments and coatings. They are easy to handle and offer good wet out capabilities.

Use With

  • Plastics

  • Non-Stretch Textiles

  • Textiles with DWR Coatings


Features & Benefits

Low Profile

Deliver a low profile bond that allows for sleeker lines and softer corners


Push design limits on high performance material that require low activation temperatures


Build with bonds like never before - high durability, great hand-feel, good elasticity

Explore Products

  • Engineered for nylon and other lightweight fabrics (5D to 50D). Designed to be aggressive and tacky to adhere to an array of different finishes/surfaces with a low activation temperature.

  • designed to bond to a wide variety of knit and woven fabrics, PU-coated textiles, and smooth surface plastic materials. The relatively low activation temperature allows use on materials with heat-sensitive treatments/coatings.

  • The low activation temperature allows for faster processing speeds on heat presses and continuous bonding machines. It features high recovery and is designed to be used on applications where soft hand and good elasticity is required.

  • Adheres to a variety of fabrics including Nylon, Polyester, Nylon/Spandex blends, Polyester/Spandex blends, Cotton and Polyester/ Cotton blends. It also adheres to vinyl and polyurethane coated fabrics forming a bond which is resistant to laundering and dry cleaning

  • Proven in applications that utilize DWR coated fabrics. Its stiffer hand makes it easy for handling and positioning. Fabrics that are bonded using this adhesive exhibit excellent wash and dry-cleaning resistance.

  • With low modulus and high recovery, this adhesive is designed to be used on heat sensitive fabrics where low temperature activation and high elasticity is required


  • Seams Construction
  • Tablet & Phone Cases
  • Pockets
  • Zipper Construction
  • Baffles

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