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Breathable Adhesives

Breathable Adhesives

Product #: Versafilm™, Flowfree™, SFoD

These perforated adhesives give you all the benefits of Sewfree® films with added permeability and reduced weight. Enhanced profile, stretch, recovery, and support are retained while letting hot air and moisture out. Target high-sweat areas or use in applications where sound permeation is needed.

Use With

  • High Stretch Textiles

  • Non-Stretch Textiles

  • Natural Content Textiles

  • Plastics

  • Foams


Features & Benefits


Engineered, customizable performance - what you want, where you want it


Provide outstanding comfort and breathability in apparel applications

Low Profile

In soft goods, deliver low profile construction that doesn't interfer with heat or sound

Explore Products

  • Engineered to streamline the design and construction of areas with unnecessary bulk and excess fabric. Versafilm™ reduces distractions, material, and garment weight while adding in customizable performance benefits with enhance drying times and promotion of airflow/moisture management.
    Available in three different patterns to customize performance:
    - Diamond Lattice: engineered for running/training, offers ultimate breathability
    - Ladder: engineered for basketball & lifestyle, offers ultimate security & comfort in fit
    - Houndstooth: engineered for yoga, offers stretch where needed and comfortable, second-skin fit

  • Features engineered perforations that promote and enhance breathability and doesn’t retain moisture like traditional elastics and meshes. It was specifically created to help the wearer achieve more speed, mobility, and power with far fewer distractions. Now athletes can stay cool and comfortable no matter how much they sweat.
    Available in four different formulas to customize performance:
    - Base: Entry level performance enhancement film, low temp activation
    - Pro: Better recovery, soft hand feel, low modulus
    - Advanced: Best stretch & recovery, low temp activation, 3 engineered formulas
    - Terra: Engineered for natural fibers, doesn't block natural breathability of fabric, good stretch & recovery

  • With drop on demand application, you apply adhesive only where you need it, therefore this dot format bonding can significantly enhance breathability. Additionally, SFoD reduces water weight to improve a garment’s performance when wet.


  • Waistbands
  • Tablet & Phone Cases
  • Seam Construction
  • Speaker Construction
  • Bra Bands
  • Panel-to-Panel Bonding
  • Collars
  • Hemming


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