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Non-Stretch Embellishments

Non-Stretch Embellishments

Product #: OT100, OT523, NYL100

Keep the structure and enhance your designs without compromising performance with our Non-Stretch Embellishment Films. Easy to laser cut and die cut, this a versatile way to create apparel that works beautifully throughout the day.

Available in

  • Black

  • Pitch

  • Ash

  • Navy

  • Snow

  • Grey

  • Texture: Motion

Use With

  • Non-Stretch Textiles

  • Natural Content Textiles

  • Plastics

  • Textiles with Waterproof Coatings

Download Our Non-Stretch Color Guide

Features & Benefits


A wide range of colors and textures to create aesthetic differentiation

Abrasion Resistant

Be confident that your patches and pops of color will last


Providing soft support and structure to your applications

Explore Products

  • Engineered for outerwear fabrics without compromising performance and offers abrasion resistance up to 40,000 cycles.
    Available in: 3mil. Variety of colors and textures

  • Engineered specifically for natural textiles like wool, cotton, and cellulose fiber so it doesn’t block the natural breathability of the fabric.
    Available in: 5mil. Black

  • Engineered for nylon and other lightweight fabrics (5D to 50D). Designed to be aggressive and tacky to adhere to an array of different finishes/surfaces.
    Available in: 3mil, Pitch / 4mil, Snow


Embellishments are versatile, customizable design solutions. As a tape, they provide an attractive way to enhance water resistance or prevent fraying of seams. In wider widths, they can be cut into decorative shapes and patterns to improve the look of any concept.

  • Aesthetic Seams
  • Logos
  • Die Cut Graphics
  • Trim Details
  • Pockets
  • Zippers
  • Cuffs & Edging
  • Smooth Finishes


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