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Comfort Is King Collection

A collection that delivers all the goods: better comfort, higher quality, and increased durability - Basically, the whole package for a guy’s package. Armed with data points from an extensive consumer research study, we designed boxers, briefs, Ts, and tanks that solve the pain points men most commonly call out.
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Features and Benefits


Bonded hems and seams are softer and can dry faster than traditional sewing and elastics.


Engineered perforations promote and enhance breathability to prevent sticky, sweaty situations.

Next-to-Skin Comfort

Seamless construction stretches and moves with the body eliminating irritation throughout.

Low Profile

Bonded construction creates a minimal footprint, allowing for a sleek, seamless fit.


Light on the eyes and soft to the touch, bonding enables more flexible bindings.


More often that not, men find themselves in a tight squeeze when it comes to their boxers. Too snug here and too loose there means chafing and irritation everywhere.

To fix, elevate waistband construction with advanced Sewfree® adhesives that guarantee fit and promote breathability. After all, “Comfort always starts at the waistline.” (That’s a direct quote from one of our guys. He gets it.)


Nearly 1/3 of men surveyed said their briefs were just too tight.

Our solution: ditch the things that dig, like thick stitching and elastics. Smooth seams along the leg eliminate points of friction that pinch and chafe, while a waistband delivers unparalleled next-to-skin comfort.

Boxer Brief

What seems to be the problem? Seams. All of them. Men list seams and waistbands as the primary source of their underwear strife. When shopping, they avoid thick stitching that irritates skin and constricting construction that’s tight in the crotch and at the leg.

Solving this problem is all about construction. Softer seams and smarter solutions deliver 24/7 comfort, day after day.

Sport Boxer Brief

It’s no coincidence there’s an itch in stitch. Inflexible sewn construction causes binding, pinching, chafing, and rubbing. That’s a lot of friction for the gym.

Take athletic briefs from worst to first by swapping sweaty elastics in sewn waistbands for Flowfree™. It eliminates added weight while you workout and keeps air circulating where you need it most.


Next-to-skin layers have to be soft without sacrificing strength. Both Flextape and Flowflex lend performance benefits, like breathability, to this physique-flattering tank.


Sewfree® construction turns an undershirt into an overachiever. From the Versafilm™ collar to the flush pocket, every element is elevated.


Looking for the right adhesive for your project? Tell us about yourself and let us help! We’re ready to lead you into the future of bonding.

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