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Bemis 3D Material Library Available on Browzwear and CLO!

January 10, 2024

We’re thrilled to announce that the Bemis 3D Material Library is available on Browzwear and CLO!

3D Apparel and Digital Product Creation (DPC) professionals can now explore and test Bemis embellishments as they pattern, style and visualize garments in these leading 3D apparel creation software programs.

What is 3D Apparel?

3D Apparel, also known as Digital Product Creation (DPC), is a modern method of garment design and creation that allows brands to quickly pattern, style and visualize garments using digital tools.

DPC enables designers and brands to increase speed to market and reduce costs by eliminating the need to create physical prototypes in early design stages. Designers and developers use DPC to improve visual communication and streamline manufacturing and sales. Suppliers provide digital versions of their fabrics, materials and other offerings for use in the garment creation process.

Contact your Bemis sales manager to learn more.


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