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Bemis Associates Inc., of Shirley MA acquires Safe Reflections International Holdings, LLC

August 6, 2020

Leading Manufacturer of Thermoplastic Film, Tapes, Adhesives Announces Acquisition of Complementary Business

Today, Bemis Associates Inc., a leading manufacturer of thermoplastic films, tapes, and adhesives for bonding announced the acquisition of Safe Reflections International, LLC, the Taiwan-based operation and the “Play” products of Safe Reflections, Inc., a textile products company that develops solutions to enhance safety and visibility of apparel.

For more than 100 years, Bemis Associates Inc., has been perfecting optimum adherence to a variety of fabrics for many different applications across the apparel, consumer electronics, and industrial markets. Safe Reflections International LLC., is a leading manufacturer of reflective products. The Company has been developing solutions which enhance uniforms, safety clothing and athletic apparel since 1993. Combining Safe Reflections International, LLC reflective technologies solutions for sportswear, athletic, performance, activewear, and casual wear with Bemis Associates adhesive technology was a natural fit.

“Our company has a long history of identifying strategic partnerships, new products and industry opportunities in order to sustain growth and longevity,” said Steve Howard, Chief Executive Officer, Bemis Associates Inc.  “We see this acquisition as one more step in that direction,” said Howard.

Bemis Associates Inc. combined its industry-leading adhesive with Safe Reflections’ patented Brilliant® Color Reflective technology to help create the next generation of bondable aesthetic films for the apparel market. The Brilliant® product line has been on the market since 2009 and is not only extremely unique but has become very popular with high end athletic wear retailers. Bemis Brilliant® Color Reflective Film delivers high brightness in multiple colors for a stronger, more vibrant, versatile choice for any apparel design.

“As a global industry leader, our goal is to continually innovate so that our products drive the visibility industry in work wear, active wear and fashion wear,” said Joey Koppes Owner of Safe Reflections.  “It’s an ideal supplement to their Brilliant® Color Reflective Film product line,” he said.


About Bemis Associates, Inc.

Bemis Associates Inc. is a manufacturer of thermoplastic adhesives, coatings, tapes and specialty film products for bonding. Headquartered in Shirley, MA, the company manufactures single and multilayered films, adhesive coatings, polyurethanes, polyesters, polyolefins, nylons and vinyl coated products. It also maintains an Asia headquarters in Hong Kong and branches in Portland, OR, Sri Lanka, China (Dongguan and Shanghai), Taiwan, and Vietnam. The company caters to multiple industries including apparel, athletic, performance outerwear, wearable electronics, intimates, handbags, automotive, outdoor, consumer electronics, and aerospace.

About Safe Reflections Inc.

Safe Reflections Inc is the global technology leader in providing reflective material solutions to the occupational safety, military training and consumer active wear apparel markets, with its headquarters in Saint Paul, MN and locations in Germany and Taiwan.

For more information on Bemis Associates Inc. please contact Scott Wood, Director, Product and Marketing, 603-540-4698.


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