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Bemis Associates’ Seam Tape Webinar presented to more than 100 participants

October 5, 2020


Bemis Associates Inc., a leading manufacturer of thermoplastic films, tapes, and adhesives for bonding hosted a webinar on Wednesday, September 30, 2020 that provided technical details of seam tape application solutions to some of the world’s largest apparel brands.

Registrants from eleven countries from around the globe attended, including the U.S, Europe and Asia. Very targeted questions were asked and answered, covering topics such seam tape adhesion, types of waterproof and breathable layers, specs on fabric construction and how to perform compatibility testing to confirm best adhesion for fabric coating.

“We were pleasantly surprised with the overwhelming response we received within the first 24 hours of registration,” said Scott Wood, Director, Product and Marketing for Bemis Associates Inc. “We had 224 people register and 30 different brands represented including many Fortune 500,” he said.

A variety of industry segments attended, including outerwear, recreation, workwear, footwear and healthcare. A survey was sent immediately following the webinar so the company could gauge the level of engagement and response to the content presented. Some of the participants comments were “You addressed all the key issues one might have with seam tape and you touched on technical details that will make it easier to work with factories to troubleshoot issues. I thought it was an extremely clear presentation and appreciated all the time you allowed for questions”. Another wrote “One of the most successful and useful webinars I’ve attended in a while, thank you!” And another “I loved that this webinar had good assets and a tight focus. It made consuming the material easy with the right amount of depth without flooding viewers with data points.” Bemis Associates, Inc. plans to host another webinar focusing on new topics in the near future.

To view a recording of this webinar, visit our Vimeo page here
To learn more about Seam Tape, visit our product pages here


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