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Bemis opens Design Lab at Maxport Advanced R&D Facility in Hanoi

December 4, 2018

This past November, we officially opened a Bemis Design Lab in Maxport Limited Vietnam’s Advanced R&D facility in Hanoi. Team members from our US and HK offices celebrated the occasion, which also marked more than two decades of collaboration between Bemis and Maxport.

This new design lab represents the next chapter in our partnership and continues our work to replace sewing with bonding. It will sync the efforts of Bemis’ and Maxport’s brightest R&D minds, providing a shared space to partner with the world’s great brands to inspire, innovate, and develop new Sewfree® product and manufacturing opportunities. By collaborating, we also increase the capacity to integrate more Sewfree in to product lines for new customers, while elevating the level of service for the brands that already trust us with the development of their lines, season after season. We think it’s a win-win-win.

For more on the opening, check out this coverage.


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