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Bemis Teaches Webinar Attendees How to Bond with Seam Reinforcement Tape

July 26, 2021


Bemis Associates, bonding innovation and design partner to the world’s leading technical, performance, luxury, and lifestyle brands, hosted a webinar that featured Seam Reinforcement Tape (SRT).

SRT is a fabric tape with an adhesive backer that can be used for several performance needs in various applications. Bemis design and product specialists highlighted primary features and uses for bonding with this product and showcased some application examples of Seam Reinforcement Tape.

Upwards of 120 people from across the globe including Asia, Europe, and the United States attended one of the 2 sessions offered by Bemis. More than 40 brands were represented from 20 different countries. Post-webinar results showed an average attentiveness rate of 55.38, 69 average interest rating, and 57% average attendance rate. “I think these high numbers are a clear indication that customers, designers and engineers, like to see live demonstrations and appreciate the opportunity to interact with our bonding experts,” said Scott Wood, Director, Product and Marketing.

Feedback from participants showed high marks for Bemis’ clarity, conciseness, and informative nature of the content and delivery of the material. Direct attendee quotes included “I enjoyed being able to talk to technical experts that know the details behind the technology rather than the typical sales pitch for the materials.” “I really liked the application presentation; it felt extremely ‘live’ as if they were speaking to me face-to-face. Thank you for an amazing presentation.”

To view a recording of this webinar, visit our Vimeo page here
To learn more about SRT, visit our product page here


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