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Facing Challenges Bonding Lightweight Materials?
We Can Help

June 16, 2023

Within the automotive space, we’re seeing an increased focus on the use of lightweight, high-performance materials to improve comfort, reduce weight and/or reduce cost of a product.

These materials provide many benefits but also present unique challenges, including how to most effectively adhere them to other materials.

Bemis has solutions. For example, our 178 web adhesive enables manufacturers in automotive and other markets to utilize lightweight materials such as wadding, 3D spacers, reticulated foam, and felt.

A bio-based, low VOC adhesive, 178 has a low activation temperature that makes it ideal for bonding leather. It helps:
☑️ Optimize leather quality;
☑️ Reduce wrinkles and pleats, especially in high stress areas;
☑️ Increase embossing, perforation quality and alignment; and
☑️ Improve sewing quality.

Visit us at June 20-22 at Adhesives & Bonding Expo, booth 739, to see samples and learn more about our products and how they can help you achieve your goals.

Won’t be at the show? Contact us to request information.


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