Terra Collection

Take a break from synthetic overload. Go natural. With Bemis Sewfree® you can bond wool, cotton and cellulose fibers and blends to lend new life to active designs.

Natural Fiber

Bemis Natural Fiber is specifically formulated for natural textiles like wool, cotton, and cellulose fiber. This solution allows for basic construction needs - fabric-to-fabric, piece-to-piece. It’s ideal for incorporating the current trend of non-synthetics and blends into your concepts.


  • Overlap seams
  • Fabric overlay
  • Panel-to-panel
  • Fold over finish


As natural fibers gain popularity in performancewear, new fabrics come into focus. Terratec lets you add detail to heavier materials, including fleece. Thicker than our standard overlay tape, it’s easy to die cut or laser cut and is abrasion-resistant. Terratec is an excellent way to add differentiating detail, adhering to even unexpected surfaces for pieces that really stand out. 


  • Zippers
  • Pocket flaps and pocket trims
  • Cinch cord exits
  • Shoulder trim or patches
  • Collar, sleeve, and seam trim
  • Laser cut logos or designs
  • Cuffs