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Customers Complaining
About a “Sinking” Feeling?

June 23, 2023

Do your customers get a “sinking” feeling while exercising? It’s surprisingly common for wearers to report that they feel as though their shorts or tights have grown looser and are sinking down.

Solve the problem by using EverFit™ 6430 in the waistband — and let your customers focus on their workout, not the fit of their gear.

EverFit™ 6430 has been engineered to provide perfect fit and comfort throughout the day. It works for two primary reasons:

  • EverFit™ 6430’s low modulus allows for a thicker gauge. This means a low ratio of the total gauge penetrates into the fabric, so the adhesive’s softness and immediate recovery properties are retained.
  • EverFit™ 6430’s unique chemistry enables a high elongation rate, making it stretch with the fabric without any deformation.

EverFit™ 6430 stretches extremely easily and snaps back, eliminating those worrying “sinking” feelings.

Contact your Bemis sales manager to learn how EverFit™ 6430 can elevate the look, feel and performance of your fitness apparel. Don’t have an assigned sales manager, request more info here.


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