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A Better Fit for Every(Body)

February 13, 2023

Are customers complaining about the comfort of bra brands and waistbands? Are they claiming that waistbands are “growing”… getting looser over the course of the day?

Designing bras, leggings, panties, and underwear that provide sufficient support and performance throughout the day without creating a tight or uncomfortable fit is a significant challenge.

Bemis is pleased to announce a solution: EverFit™ 6430, the next generation of Sewfree®.

A ground-breaking alternative to elastic, EverFit™ 6430 is a revolutionary adhesive that enhances the comfort and performance of garments by providing low modulus, great recovery and soft hand touch. It’s perfect for use in bra bands, straps and wings; waistbands; leggings; fold-over hems; and, overlap seams.

EverFit™ 6430 also displays longer life than elastic, which can become brittle, lose its ability to “bounce back” and impact consumers’ opinions of your product.

Plus, EverFit™ 6430’s unique chemistry makes it a smart choice for lights and whites.

Learn more about EverFit(TM) 6430


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