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Leading Global Bonding and Adhesive Manufacturer Shares Insider View on Reflective Films

November 25, 2020

Bemis Associates Inc., of Shirley MA Secures More Than 100 Attendees to Webinar

Bemis Associates Inc., a leading manufacturer of thermoplastic films, tapes, and adhesives for bonding hosted a set of technical webinars on November 17th and 18th featuring various types of reflective materials available to designers and engineers. The expert panel also presented demonstrations on different levels of brightness and how best to apply the reflective materials for maximum visibility.

A total of 120 people attended the webinars from across the globe including Asia, Europe, and the United States. More than 50 brands were represented from 27 different countries. Post-webinar metrics indicated the presentation achieved a 74% interest rating and 63% attentiveness rating which was supported by the positive comments received from attendees in the company’s survey. Feedback such as “It was very informational, informal and user friendly. I liked the mixed media your panelists used, and the visuals kept my attention.” “The images and graphs were simple and easy to understand. The imagery and layout aesthetically reflected the quality.” “Loved the live demos!”

“We will continue to plan more product-focused webinars for the future,” said Scott Wood, Director, Product and Marketing. “With such a variety of highly knowledgeable and skilled engineers and designers on our staff, sharing their expertise with our customers and partners is a win-win for everyone,” he said.

Bemis Associates Inc., has been perfecting optimum adherence to a variety of fabrics for many different applications across the apparel, consumer electronics, and industrial markets for more than 100 years. During this webinar, company panelist offered ‘Best Practices’ based upon their longstanding and deep rooted understanding of the industry and leadership position in the adhesive manufacturing industry.


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