Whether you're designing the next distraction-free piece of apparel, "it" bag, or must-have home speaker, we have the expertise to elevate and execute your designs.


Revolutionize performance in apparel. Change to Sewfree and change everything.

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Invisible to the naked eye. Designed for the naked body. Sewfree compliments the body's natural curves, reduces irritation and provides all-day comfort.

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Soft Goods

Sewfree streamlines construction to deliver amazing aethetic. With more flexibility to combine hard and soft materials, you can design product with softer curves, sleeker finishes, and greater shelf appeal.

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Jealousy-inducing handbags, swoon worthy wallets, to-die-for accessories. Sewfree lets you design in ways you never could before.

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Other Markets

Bonding lets you replace outdated components and construction methodologies, so you can do more without all the nuts and bolts.

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