Sewfree® bonding allows garments to move the way a body moves, eliminating bulky seams that are unnatural to fit and feel. Sewfree creates sleeker lines, softer corners and stronger seams in everything from technical mountain jackets to sneakers to wireless demi bras.


Attention to cool details. The freedom and edge you feel with a higher-functioning design. Bemis Sewfree is what performancewear was born dreaming of. And now it’s here, bringing athletic gear to the next level.



Rethink how you do warm. Rethink waterproof. When you’re making your best defense against the elements, we have the elements that let you create, differentiate and show the weather who’s boss.



Stay light on your feet. Bemis Sewfree replaces the stitching and glue that weighs footwear down and dictates construction. Throw out the rulebook for athletic shoes and defy expectations.