Aesthetic: Functional Film

Functional Film lets you create attention-grabbing designs that are comfortable and performance-ready. Easily add aethetic depth and technical benefits like reflectivity, breathability, abrasion resistance, and stretch to your garments.


Our Stretch Family is engineered to move with fabrics, not restrict them. This versatile line of functional films comes in a wide range of colors, finishes, and customizable options. It's easy to laser cut and can be strategically placed for soft support that enhances fit.


Enhance visibility with these lightweight films while offering superior stretch to compliment the latest apparel designs. From low to high candlepower, these versatile reflective solutions come in a wide range of colors to create aesthetic differentiation. 


From fleece to nylon, keep the structure of your designs without compromising performance. Test the limits of outerwear with our tough and abrasion-resistant family of Non-Stretch Functional Films.


Explore the boundaries of comfort and performance with solutions you won't find in other Bemis Aesthetic Functional Films. Discover next-to-skin comfort, low profile grip, plus stretch and compression within our family of Specialty films.