Construction: Sewfree® Adhesive & Seam Reinforcement Tape

Bemis’ Sewfree® Adhesives and Seam Reinforcement Tapes (SRTs) deliver superior construction options for your apparel designs. Engineered for a variety of fabrics, our adhesives allow for customizable stretch, breathability and aesthetic options. SRTs strengthen USLB seams without compromising flexibility, feel or weight, and allow for low profile construction.

High Recovery

High Recovery

High Recovery Adhesives replace elastics and bulky sewn seams in performancewear and intimate wear. They allow for optimum stretch and recovery while maintaining the sleek, smooth profile of a Sewfree bonded seam or hem.


Flowfree™  technology features engineered perforations that promote and enhance breathability. It doesn’t retain moisture like traditional elastics and meshes. It was specifically created to help athletes achieve more speed, mobility and power with far fewer distractions. Now athletes can stay cool and comfortable no matter how much they sweat. Available in four different formulas to customize performance: Flowfree Base, Flowfree Pro, Flowfree Advanced and Flowfree Terra.

Base - Entry level performance enhancement film, low temp activation

Pro - Better recovery, soft hand feel, low modulus

Advanced - Best stretch & recovery, low temp activation, 3 engineered formulas

Terra - Engineered for natural fibers, doesn't block natural breathability of fabric, good stretch & recovery



There’s never been an adhesive like Nylock. We’ve gone thinner and lighter so you no longer have to choose between performance and look. Now you can get the fabric and technology you want with one solution. There are no tradeoffs. No compromises. Just new limitless possibilities.

Insulated Bonding

Insulated Bonding creates lightweight, insulated seams on tightly-woven, low-denier fabrics. These specifically-engineered films work well on ultra-light polyester and nylon materials and provide excellent low-profile insulation on traditionally difficult-to-bond fabrics.

Insulated Bonding

Seam Reinforcement Tape

Seam Reinforcement Tapes strengthen seams without compromising the flexibility, feel or weight of your garments. In combination with bonded seams, they can keep garments lighter and lower profile than sewing.