Seam Tape

Leaky seams are no kind of fun. And even the most waterproof fabrics will leak through stitched seams if not sealed properly. Bemis Seam Tapes assure the integrity of your most weather-worthy gear from head to toe. It can be applied by using any of the commercially available hot air taping, laser or ultrasonic machinery.

Waterproof Integrity

Seam tape is the critical link in the chain of waterproof protection. When you want to keep a sewn garment watertight, use Bemis Seam Tape to cover up those needle holes. When a garment leaks, customers don’t care if it’s from the fabric or the seam. All they know is they’re getting wet and something failed. Our range of products will provide the ideal solution to keep who or what’s inside dry.


Ultra Seam Tape allows you to maintain the airiest of aspirations for your designs, but still won’t let the rain sneak in. Ultra works on the most delicate fabrics to the lightest waterproof shells.


For most rain gear basics you can rely on Lightweight Seam Tape to lock out moisture. Your concepts will weather the storm from drizzle to downpour on shoes, clothes and equipment. Check out our new, re-imagined lightweight seam tape, LWT900.


Activity Seam Tape is the go-to for heavier-duty uses. It holds up to the weight of thicker fabrics and conditions, providing a reliable, durable, flexible seal. Precipitation, schmrecipitation.