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Sewfree on Demand® Webinar Attracts More Than 200 Attendees

June 15, 2021


Bemis Associates, bonding innovation and design partner to the world’s leading technical, performance, luxury, and lifestyle brands, hosted two sessions of a webinar on June 3rd, one at 4pm Hong Kong time and one at 2pm Eastern time, that featured its revolutionary product, Sewfree on Demand® (SFoD).

Attendees were presented with the benefits of Sewfree on Demand®, particularly how it solves unique problems versus sewing. Bemis technical experts and designers highlighted how the technology is designed for precision and engineered for performance. Bemis was pleased with their post-event metrics which showed a 65% attendance rate with a 71% average interest rate as it related to the content. Approximately 140 participants were from Asia, 55 from Europe, and 70 from the Americas. Direct comments from attendees included “the speakers were well prepared and knowledgeable”; “I enjoyed the application videos; they help to fully understand the process”; “I love learning about the different techniques we can use (for bonding)”.

“I’m always pleasantly surprised to see the active participation from the attendees at our webinars, particularly during the application and product demonstrations,” said Scott Wood, Director of Product and Marketing. “People don’t just want to hear about a product specification, they want to see it applied in a meaningful way. I’m glad we can give them that,” he said.

The launch of Bemis’ Sewfree on Demand® is a joint effort between Bemis and H.B. Fuller. The development of this unique and revolutionary bonding solution has led to multiple new applications, new constructions, new designs, and new apparel manufacturing processes. The SFoD technology enhances keeps the natural performance of the fabrics and reduces water weight, while being extremely durable at a low bonding temperature.

To view a recording of this webinar, visit our Vimeo page here
To learn more about SFoD, visit our product page here


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