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Whether you’re designing the next distraction-free piece of apparel, “it” bag, or must-have home speaker, we have the expertise to elevate and execute your designs.

Performance Wear

Attention to cool details. The freedom and edge you feel with a higher-functioning design. Bemis is what performance wear was born dreaming of and now it’s here, bringing athletic gear to the next level.

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Rethink how you do warm. Rethink waterproof. When you’re making your best defense against the elements, we have the elements that let you create, differentiate, and show the weather who’s boss.

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Soft Goods

As consumer demand increases for products that are as beautiful as they are powerful, expertly mixing soft and hard materials is a must. Elevate construction and aesthetic at the same time with Bemis bonding technology.

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We know what it really takes to flatter: an impeccable fit that reduces irritation, complements the body's natural curves, and provides all-day comfort. Create and construct beautiful and breathable bonded bras, underwear, and shapewear.

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Handbags & Wallets

Deftly-made linings and straps. Shapes and structures that are supple, light, and incredibly durable. We help you craft bags and wallets that are truly obsession-worth.

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Automotive & Transportation

Our durable high-performance VOC-free adhesives and films create opportunities to design and build advanced, lightweight constructions for both interior and under the hood applications with materials that are generally incompatible to bonding.

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Advanced Textiles & Composite Bonding

When it comes to building products, materials matter. Whether you're working with cotton, wool, aluminum, steel, wood, glass, EVA, or Kevlar, our adhesives work with a range of materials that are generally incompatible with bonding.

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Stay light on your feet. Bemis replaces the stitching and glue that weighs footwear down and dictates construction. Throw out the rulebook for athletic shoes and defy expectations.

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Graphics & Signage

Bring brands to life on virtually any surface. Take car wraps to the next level or add artistic vision to interiors with wall graphics and wraps. Our aliphatic adhesives are designed for a range of digital and screen-printable applications, for indoor and outdoor uses.

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Connected Products

Create sleeker, lighter, smarter devices that deliver more power without compromising aesthetic. From apparel to automotive to medical applications, we make sure all components work together so embedded technology is always protected and comfortable next to skin.

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Looking for the right adhesive for your project? Tell us about yourself and let us help! We’re ready to lead you into the future of bonding.

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