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A Better Fit For Every(Body)™

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Deliver All Day Comfort

EverFit, the game-changing elastic replacement adhesive from Bemis, is now available in a family of 12 solutions, each delivering a unique level of support and breathability.

With EverFit, it’s easier than ever to design and produce comfortable clothes that fit well all day long.


All EverFit adhesives:

  •  Deliver good stretch and recovery to make clothes easy to put on and take off;
  • Feature low to medium melt temps; and
  • Are non-yellowing.
Plus, they’re all OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified.

The wide range of available formulas and gauges makes EverFit an excellent choice for a variety of applications including intimates, performance wear, outerwear and swimwear.

Learn More

Request a meeting with your Bemis sales manager to see and feel EverFit adhesives and learn how they can elevate the performance and aesthetic of your garments. 

EverFit adhesives are thinner than elastic, enabling you to design and construct sleeker garments that feel better and perform better.

EverFit adhesives are lighter than elastic, enabling you to create garments that feel better and perform better.

Constructions using EverFit dry significantly faster than constructions using elastic.

Schedule a meeting with your Bemis sales manager to learn about all the ways EverFit outperforms elastic.


Looking for the right adhesive for your project? Tell us about yourself and let us help! We’re ready to lead you into the future of bonding.

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